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[tab_item title=”Gospel Tracts”][column col=”1/3″]Evangelism Basics: Making Your Own Tracts [youtube height=”300″ width=”300″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvsbYm50MEI[/youtube][/column][column col=”1/3″]Evangelism Basics: Handing Out Tracts [youtube height=”300″ width=”300″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANqvAEG3elU&feature=youtu.be[/youtube][/column][column col=”1/3″]










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[tab_item title=”Open Air Preaching”][column col=”1/3″]Street Light Preaching [youtube height=”300″ width=”300″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHhgU2CSMNg[/youtube][/column][column col=”1/3″]Evangelism Basics: Open Air Preaching[youtube height=”300″ width=”300″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZn49bCUJds&feature=youtu.be[/youtube][/column][column col=”1/3″]











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Are you going to die[/column] [column col=”1/4″]the christmas tract[/column] [column col=”1/4″]examine yourself[/column] [column col=”1/4″] god doesn't believe in atheists[/column] [column col=”1/4″]lion of judah[/column] [column col=”1/4″]starts with the bad news[/column] [column col=”1/4″]ultimate statistic[/column] [column col=”1/4″]ultimate statistic espanol [/column]


[tab_item title=”QR Code”]combating unbelief QR codeDownload and print this QR code on any type of print material.  When someone scans this code with their smart phone, it will take them to the Gospel page on this site where they can watch the videos or read the content containing the gospel message.       (right click and select “save image”)   [/tab_item] [tab_item title=”Free Gospels of John”]Join the Pocket Power league for free and order up to 30 Gospels of John per month at absolutely no cost! Click the image to order. The Pocket Testament League     [/tab_item]


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[column col=”1/4″]how to make your own tractsHow To Make Your Own Tracts?[/column]

[column col=”1/4″]Evangelism Basics Handing Out Gospel TractsEvangelism Basics: Handing Out Tracts[/column]

[column col=”1/4″]Evangelism Basics Open Air PreachingEvangelism Basics: Open Air Preaching [/column]

[column col=”1/4″]

witnessing to jw'sHow To Witness To A Jehovah’s Witness[/column]

[column col=”1/4″]

stop light preachingHow to Stop Light Preach[/column]

[column col=”1/4″]

how do i overcome fear of evangelismHow Do I Overcome Fear of Evangelism?[/column][column col=”1/4″]what method do you useWhat Method Do You Use?[/column][column col=”1/4″]sharing the gospel with homosexualsWitnessing to Homosexuals?[/column]



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