atheist professor turned evangelical

An Atheist Professor Becomes a Christian

In this video, a dogmatic evolutionist college professor is challenged by a curious student with lots of questions about his evolutionary teachings.  At the end of the conversation, the college professor realized that his conclusions were not based on good science.  This video is great for several reasons.  Aside from giving good evidences for theism, it also shows a great way to approach a college professor.  It shows how the professor was more open to questioning his theory because the student did not approach him with hostility.  The student did a great job of not approaching the professor with arrogance or anger, but with humility, respect and curiosity.  She complimented him, assured him that her motives were not to challenge him (she showed respect), and she just asked a bunch of questions.  Therefore the professor had no need to defend anything, he just needed to answer questions.  When he began to answer questions without feeling like he was being approached with hostility, he heard his answers for the first time and realized their absurdity.


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  1. Michele
    Michele says:

    This video says you can get a DVD “What Hath Darwin Wrought” on WretchedTV website, but no such DVD is on there. I checked Amazon and there was a BOOK by this name with the cover shown but not a DVD. Question is: Is there a longer video with the story about this professor and if so what is the name of it and where can it be obtained? Thanks!


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