Contact Combating Unbelief today for information on how to get your church or ministry team trained in sharing the gospel in everyday life.  We have stand alone messages, as well as training seminars and workshops available for any size group.

chris preaching at westcoast

Local Missions Training

We believe that every Christian is called to full-time ministry on the mission field.  From Africa and Asia, to the inner cities and suburbs of your own home town, we are all called to make disciples.  Combating Unbelief is here to help train and equip Christians to fulfill their God-given mandate to preach the gospel to the lost.  Our standard training includes a 4 part training seminar on evangelism titled “Local Missions Training”.  Each session is about 45 minutes to 1 hour (though they can be condensed).  The session titled and descriptions are as follows:


Session 1: The Mission – the urgency of living on mission in everyday life

Session 2: The Message (pt.1) – theological foundations of the Gospel (Gospel Doctrines)

Session 3: The Message (pt.2) – answering objections (apologetics basics and how to handle common objections)

Session 4: The Methods – different methods of sharing the gospel, and starting conversations


The seminar can be conducted in one day, or over a period of 4 days/weeks.  Contact Us today for more information on evangelism training.